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ShareThink Ltd. Makes  New CAPTCHA Replacement Available In a Public Beta

Almonte, ON – September 12, 2011 - Today ShareThink Ltd. announced the public availabilty of its new spam prevention technology: VouchSafe. Like CAPTCHAs, VouchSafe is a simple test designed to separate human users from bots, to help prevent spam and some kinds of online fraud. VouchSafe is the first image-based Human Interactive Proof that uses an Adaptive AI to generate challenges based on the way humans think.

A sample VouchSafe challenge (not actual size)"We had launched a limited closed beta earlier this year", explained ShareThink CEO Chris Ivey. "We used feedback from our initial users to fine-tune the product, and now we're making the technology available to anyone who wants to try it."

Mr. Ivey states that while VouchSafe challenges look simple, and are easy to solve, they're actually more secure than traditional CAPTCHAs. The technology uses a simple path-drawing action that is difficult for spammers to replicate, and that translates especially well on touch-screen devices like iPads and smart phones. VouchSafe also provides audio challenges for the motor and visually impaired.

The VouchSafe CAPTCHA replacment is available for download at


About ShareThink

ShareThink is a software development company located in Almonte, ON, just outside of Ottawa. ShareThink specializes in technology innovation research and spam prevention.

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