ShareThink Ltd. Launches First Crowdsource Computing Game on Facebook

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ShareThink Ltd. Launches First Crowdsource Computing Game on Facebook: “Beat the Bots”


Almonte, ON – September 12, 2011 – Today ShareThink Ltd. officially launched its first crowdsource computing Facebook game, called “Beat the Bots”. The game allows players to interact with ShareThink’s VouchSafe CAPTCHA replacement in a fun and unique way that simultaneously “trains” the AI that generates the VouchSafe challenges. Beta testing of the game has proven it to be quite addictive.


“Beat the Bots” provides players with a series of puzzles to solve. Players earn points each time they complete a challenge or loose points each time they skip a challenge. Players also earn bonus points for speed and accuracy.  The game has another purpose, however: it’s designed to train an artificial intelligence based on human response.


ShareThink hopes that this project will lead the way for others in changing the way crowdsource tasks are presented to users.


“This game is the first in a series we’re producing as part of a research project into alternatives to traditional crowdsource methodologies”, explained ShareThink president Chris Ivey. “We’re looking at alternatives that are less exploitive, and frankly more fun than the way crowdsource tasks are usually conducted.”


The research project is being conducted by ShareThink Ltd. with participation from the Canadian National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, (IRAP).


The game is available to Facebook users at ShareThink Ltd. also has plans to integrate the game on the Google+ platform in the future.


You can learn about future crowdsource gaming projects on the VouchSafe website at


About VouchSafe

VouchSafe (formerly known as HIVE) is an easy, effective replacement for traditional CAPTCHAs. Like CAPTCHAs, VouchSafe is a simple test designed to separate human users from bots, to help prevent spam and some kinds of online fraud. VouchSafe is the first image-based Human Interactive Proof that uses an Adaptive AI to generate challenges based on the way humans think.


About ShareThink

ShareThink is a software development company located in Almonte, ON, just outside of Ottawa.

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