HIVE CAPTCHA Replacement Rebranded as VouchSafe

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HIVE CAPTCHA Replacement Rebranded as "VouchSafe"


Almonte, ON – August 22, 2011 – Today ShareThink Ltd. officially rebranded the beta version of their CAPTCHA replacement product as "VouchSafe".

ShareThink made a limited initial test release of their spam prevention product under the working name HIVE, but the company decided to rename the product prior to its general release.

"We initially called the product HIVE - for Human Intelligence Verifiation Engine; which is the name of the AI that drives the system", explained ShareThink president Chris Ivey.  "However, when it came time to look at releaseing the product to the general public, we realized we had to do some work on our branding."

In test marketing, ShareThink discovered that consumers didn't respond well to an acronym, and the word "hive" didn't really differentiate the product. Mr. Ivey explained that ShareThink chose the name "VouchSafe" instead, because it says something meaningful about what the product does.  

"Vouchsafe is an old word that originally meant a guarantee of safe conduct, and later came to mean a gift or promise from a king or a personage", said Mr. Ivey, "Both meanings resonate, but we like to say that we vouch for your traffic to keep your web application safe from spammers".

VouchSafe will be released to the pubic in an open beta in early September at

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About VouchSafe

VouchSafe (formerly known as HIVE) is an easy, effective replacement for traditional CAPTCHAs. Like CAPTCHAs, VouchSafe is a simple test designed to separate human users from bots, to help prevent spam and some kinds of online fraud. VouchSafe is the first image-based Human Interactive Proof that uses an Adaptive AI to generate challenges based on the way humans think.


About ShareThink

ShareThink is a software development company located in Almonte, ON, just outside of Ottawa.

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