Crowdplay: Gaming With a Difference

VouchSafe Crowdsource Gaming

In addition to developing our VouchSafe anti-spam technology, we have been researching possibilities for using games to train artificial intelligences and to accomplish what have traditionally been crowdsource tasks.

The crowdsource model for accomplishing large or complex tasks works - up to a point - but it's fundametally exploitive. We feel the model is flawed. Instead, we're experimenting with the development of simple, but entertaining games that will accomplish the same kind of tasks - just in a more fun kind of way. We call our approach "crowdplay".

Our first prototype game is called "Beat the Bots".  It's a simple race game where players try to solve as many VouchSafe challenges as possible within a time limit.

The game seems simple, but while you're playing it, the AI that creates the puzzles is learning from your input, so over time the challenges it creates will become more intuitive and "human".


Our First Crowdplay Game: Beat the Bots

Are you smarter than a spambot?  We think so, and now you can prove it with our first intelligent crowdplay game: Beat the Bots. You can try Beat the Bots for yourself on facebook, (you'll need to sign in to Facebook in order to play).


Using Crowdplay Gaming to Gather Market Intelligence and Create Brand Awareness

In addition to helping us train our AI and populate the metadata collection that drives the VouchSafe system, crowdplay games can help to build brand awareness while simultaneously gathering market intelligence. For example, our current prototpe, Beat the Bots allows us to create thousands of brand associations every day among Facebook users - simply by allowing them to play our game.  We are currently designing a prototype game that will allow players to make their own associations between objects.  In addition to helping populate our metadata universe, this will give us valuable insight into the kind of free-association choices consumers make about the brands we inject into the system.


Whats Next? New and Better Games!

We're actually planning a series of games that will help train the VouchSafe AI and generate the human input it requires to adapt to different cultual outlooks in different parts of the world.

Our next game is already in development, and is called "The King's Messenger". It will be similar to Beat the Bots, but the gameplay is slightly more complex, and the game has a fantasy-themed story line that makes it a lot more interesting. The King's Messenger also includes images and thematic elements that help to communicate and reinforce the VouchSafe brand.  A few images from The King's Messenger are shown below.

Images From The King's Messenger

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