About ShareThink Ltd.


ShareThink Ltd. is a privately financed software technology start-up located in Almonte, Ontario, about 50 kilometers west of Ottawa.

Our mission is to create effective solutions to real problems. Our main focus is on addressing the problem of spam in the online marketplace. We make a point of listening to consumers to find out what's important to them, and the kind of solutions they're looking for.

VouchSafe is the first product created by ShareThink Ltd., a software technology start-up located in Almonte, Ontario, (just outside Ottawa).

We're proud of VouchSafe. It's easy for people to use, effective and secure, and future-friendly: VouchSafe's path drawing action not only makes it more difficult for spammers to hack - it also makes it an ideal technology for deployment on touch-screen devices like smart phones and tablet computers.

VouchSafe was originally released in a closed beta under the working name HIVE, (named for the Human Intelligence Verification Engine - the AI that drives the system). Now that the product is being released to the public, we have rebranded it as VouchSafe, to make it more accessible to consumers.

We're currently working on solutions that leverage the associative properties of our VouchSafe anti-spam technology to help create strong associations with brand. This includes a suite of tools for campaign management and gathering market intelligence.

We're also engaged in a research project investigating the viability of using simple online games as an effective and ethical replacement for conventional crowdsource models.  In addition to helping to train an adaptive AI, crowdsource games can be used to populate and refine metadata collections and tag clouds, while simultaneously gathering market intelligence from player feedback.


All intellectual property relating to VouchSafe and the Human Intelligence Verification Engine, (HIVE), including patents, trademarks, and application source code is wholly owned by 1799773 Ontario Ltd., operating as ShareThink Ltd.  All rights reserved.  ©2011
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